Our School-Based Health Centers services are available to students, their siblings, and school faculty/staff. We have locations in schools across WNC and “school-linked services” for other neighboring schools. We provide medical, behavioral health, vision, dental, and nutrition services at our various school health centers during school hours. 

School-based health care promotes health equity among children and adolescents who may unjustly experience disparities in outcomes simply because of their race, ethnicity, or family income. Through this service, Blue Ridge Health is able to place critically needed services directly in schools so that all young people, no matter their zip code, have equal opportunity to learn and grow.  

Update: BRH, in partnership with United Way of Asheville Buncombe County (UWABC) and Dogwood Health Trust, is excited to announce the opening of two new school-based health centers (SBHC) at Erwin Middle School and Asheville Middle School in the Fall of 2022.  BRH was awarded the opportunity through an RFA grant process with UWABC in 2021. 

Planning and construction of the SBHC sites is ongoing with planned operations to begin by the 2022-2023 school year for both schools.  The SBHC sites will have registered nurses, advanced practitioners, and mental health counselors onsite to serve the 1600+ students, faculty, and families that utilize the schools.  BRH will also provide access to telehealth and telemental health services in early 2022 to bridge the time until the physical SBHC sites are up and running.

Our School-Based Health medical services include:

  • Sports Physicals
  • Testing for basic infections and diseases (i.e., strep throat, flu, mono, basic lab testing)
  • Checking strains, sprains, and broken bones
  • Prescription writing
  • Vision Care
  • Dental care
  • Counseling Services, including Nutritional Counseling

Our Centers are located at the following schools:

  • Asheville Middle School 828-233-2279
  • Apple Valley Middle School – Medical and Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Blue Ridge School – Medical Telehealth only 828-233-2280
  • Brevard Elementary School- Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Brevard High School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Brevard Middle School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Bruce Drysdale Elementary School – Medical and Behavioral Health Services 828-233-1670
  • Cullowhee Valley – Medical Telehealth 828-233-2280
  • Davidson River – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Edneyville Elementary School- Medical and Behavioral Health Services 828-388-7230
  • Fairview Elementary School – Medical Services 828-233-1684
  • Franklin School of Innovation – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Henderson County Innovative High School 828-233-2280
  • Hillandale Elementary School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • IC Imagine: K-12 Public Charter School – Medical and Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2261
  • Lake Lure Classical Academy – Medical Telehealth & Behavioral Health Services 828-625-9298
  • North Henderson High School – Medical and Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2270
  • Pisgah Forest Elementary – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Polk Central Elementary School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Polk County High School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Polk County Middle School – Medical and Behavioral Health Services 828-233-3712
  • Rosman Elementary – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Rosman High School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Rosman Middle School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Scotts Creek Elementary – Medical Telehealth only 828-233-2280
  • Smokey Mountain Elementary – Medical Telehealth 828-233-2280
  • Smoky Mountain High – Medical Services 828-233-1685
  • Sugarloaf Elementary School – Medical and Behavioral Health Services 828-233-1680
  • Sunny View Elementary – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Swain County Middle School – Medical Services and Behavioral Telehealth 828-233-3714
  • T C Henderson Elementary School – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280
  • Tryon Elementary – Behavioral Health Services 828-233-2280


Students must be registered with Blue Ridge Health in order to receive care. Registration forms (linked below) must be completed by a parent or guardian.


The North Carolina General Statue 90-21.5 authorizes minors to give effective consent to a North Carolina licensed medical provider for medical health services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of:

  1. Venereal diseases and other diseases reportable under G.S. 130A-135
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Abuse of controlled substances or alcohol
  4. Emotional disturbances

Medical providers are not required to notify guardians about such services unless the situation, in the opinion of the medical provider, indicates that notification is essential to the life or health of the minor.


Parents or legal guardians of minor patients accessing the School-Based Health Program (SHP) of Blue Ridge Community Health Services, Inc. (BRCHS) will be made aware of their Rights and Responsibilities. This document is referred to within the student registration packet provided annually to each student attending schools with a School-Based Health Center (SBHC).  Patients accessing a SBHC via school-linked services are provided the same packet when registering for services.  Additionally, adults utilizing a SBHC are directed to review BRCHS Patient Rights and Responsibilities posted online at:
A hard copy of the Rights and Responsibilities document(s) may be provided upon request. 

Rights of Parents or Legal Guardians of School Health Program Patients:

  • To give your child written permission to receive medical, behavioral health, nutrition, dental, and/or health education services at a School-Based Health Center (SBHC).

  • To refuse or withdraw permission for your child to receive SHP services.


  • To be treated with politeness, dignity and respect by SHP staff.
  • To request that your child receive services at any time regardless of your ability to pay for those services. 
  • To be informed of your child’s visits to the SHP via telephone or written communication as deemed by the provider rendering services. 
  • To prompt and quality care for your child.
  • To refuse any recommended treatment for your child.
  • To the privacy and security of your child’s protected health information including but not limited to contact information, medical history, and family income disclosed on the patient registration form.
  • To request and obtain documentation pertaining to services rendered by the SHP excepting those that are qualified as confidential by NC Minor Consent Law.  


  • To read and understand the terms of use of School Health Program (SHP) services as described in the registration packet, to complete the registration form to the best of your ability, and to sign the form showing your understanding of these terms thereby permitting your child to receive services.
  • To mark the signed registration form as a REFUSAL of permission for services OR by providing a SBHC with written documentation of your desire to rescind services for a previously registered child. 
  • To treat the SHP staff with politeness, dignity and respect. 
  • To provide accurate and current health insurance coverage information for your child.  If you do not have insurance, to provide accurate income information to apply for BRCHS discounted services. 
  • To provide accurate and current contact information including an emergency telephone number on your child’s registration form.
  • To provide accurate information on your child’s registration form including medical conditions, current medications, and allergies.  To follow through with recommended treatment plans (ie. obtaining prescriptions, keeping referral appointments, etc.)
  • To consult with another service provider for alternative treatment options regarding the health and safety of your child. 
  • To act discreetly while in public waiting areas and provide any written documentation directly to a SBHC. To respect the privacy of others by not discussing medical conditions or family matters of other children in public areas. 
  • To request any health information by completing a Release of Information form at a SBHC or by directly contacting BRCHS Medical. We cannot disclose any information from your child’s medical without your signed and dated request.
  • To request an appointment for medical (including nursing), behavioral health, and/or nutrition services at the School-Based Health Center (SBHC).  
  • To request an appointment without disclosing the reason to school staff.
  • To privacy while waiting or being seen at the school health center. For SHP staff to respect your privacy by not discussing you or your health around others or without your permission.
  • To be treated with respect and courtesy by our staff.
  • To request to reschedule an appointment as needed for change in circumstance (ie. a long wait, worsening condition, interference with a core class or lunch, etc.)
  • To provide feedback (good or bad) on the quality of SBHC services 
  • To request to review any concerns regarding your health or medical record with SHP staff.  Please note, only your parent or guardian can request copies of any documents in your medical record. 
  • To discuss sensitive or personal information with SHP staff and have confidence that your information will be kept private from others including school staff, parents and/or legal guardians except as required by law.  If you tell a health center staff member that you want to seriously hurt yourself or someone else or that someone has seriously hurt you in the past consistent with abuse, we are required by law to report this information. 


  • To request permission and a hall pass or note from your teacher to leave class to come to the health center. 
  • To ask for appointments for valid concerns only, not to intentionally delay or miss class. 
  • To respect the privacy of others by refraining from asking our staff or other patients about others’ medical or behavioral health issues. 
  • To treat our staff members with respect and courtesy.
  • To come to the SBHC on-time for your scheduled appointment. 
  • To request to speak to a staff member or provide written feedback about your experience or concern. 
  • To notify SHP staff in advance if you need will copies of any documents from your medical record (such as a sports physical form). 
  • To be honest with school health staff. We count on your honesty to be able to provide the best possible care for you. 


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School-Based Health Registration Forms

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Income Requirements

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