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Dental healthcare is in high demand across the region, and as those who have ever had dental pain know, treatment is something that can’t wait. At Blue Ridge Health, our caring team of dentists and hygienists provide quality preventative services and reliable relief from acute dental pain. Our dental sites are located at Stokes Dental Clinic in Hendersonville, Collins Dental Clinic in Columbus, and in school-based health centers and clinics across Western North Carolina. While longer, more complicated procedures, like root canals, generally take place at Stokes, our providers can offer telehealth, referrals, and other dental interventions at all of our clinics to help keep patients healthy and pain-free.

At Blue Ridge Health, our dental staff is also hitting the road and “going the extra mile for your smile” in state-of-the-art dental busses. These busses enable us to bring needed dental services to even the most remote locations within our service areas, filling a critical need for dental care in Western North Carolina. The busses also go to schools and special events where providers give check-ups and help educate the community about dental health and hygiene. With two dental chairs on each bus, the open layout is designed for flexibility, including increased ease of access for visitors in wheelchairs. Services provided include examinations, x-rays, fillings, simple tooth extractions, and preventive services such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, and oral hygiene instruction.

Did you know that our dental services also fall under our sliding scale rates? This means that dental services at all of our locations are available to everyone we serve, regardless of ability to pay.

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“By far the best and most friendly staff of any dentist I have been to. I would highly recommend them. All the staff were fantastic!”

–  Collins Dental Center Patient

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