Residency Program

MAHEC Family Medicine Residency

Hendersonville, NC

As the clinical sponsor of the MAHEC Hendersonville Rural Family Medicine Residency Program, family medicine residents train in our FQHC and learn to care for the whole person. They study rural medicine and are empowered to face the unique barriers that keep people from seeking necessary healthcare services.

Blue Ridge Health resident physicians train in family medicine for three years and serve a broad range of people in our community. They work in the hospital, rotating with local specialists and taking care of our Blue Ridge patients who need hospitalization for acute illness or injury.

They do full pregnancy care, from the first prenatal visit through delivery. They care for newborns in both the hospital and in the office. They serve patients in all stages of life and all illnesses, coordinating care and building relationships that heal and ease suffering.

In addition to the Family Medicine Residency Program, we also offer patient care and learning opportunities to students and residents in other specialties, such as psychiatry and internal medicine.

Working at our clinics and rotating through our outreach programs allows residents to care for their own patients while gaining practical skills and a deeper understanding of the needs of the small mountain communities of Western North Carolina.

Our Lasting Impact

The communities of Western North Carolina are filled with both challenges and opportunities for healthcare providers. We work hard to reduce the inequalities in well-being and access to healthcare faced by rural populations, which include increased substance use issues, lack of transportation, and high mortality rates.

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