Screening Result: Not Eligible

Based upon your answers, you are not currently eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine at this time.

Please check back in the future as additional phases are opened.

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Service Updates:
 Please DO NOT call to inquire about vaccine availability or to schedule an appointment for a COVID vaccine. The number of calls we are receiving is preventing us from assisting patients with medical emergencies.

IF NO APPOINTMENTS ARE AVAILABLE, please CLICK HERE to sign up to receive an email notification when we reopen online registration. 

Please understand that VACCINE SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED. We usually receive a few hundred doses each week, but the amount we receive varies from week to week. We are unable to create regular dates or times for COVID vaccine events at this time.

ALL INDIVIDUALS WHO WISH TO SIGN UP FOR A VACCINE MUST DO SO ONLINE. If there are no appointments available, PLEASE DO NOT CALL or EMAIL to inquire about future events.

Please note that we are NOT maintaining a waitlist at this time. If you wish to sign up for a waitlist, we recommend you reach out to the health department in your county of residence.

Blue Ridge Health is committed to the communities we serve as we navigate the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. When we do have vaccines available, we give them within a few days of receiving them.