School-Based Health Centers

School-based health care promotes health equity among children and adolescents who unjustly experience disparities in outcomes simply because of their race, ethnicity, or family income. School based health places critically needed services like medical, behavioral, dental, and vision care directly in schools so that all young people, no matter their zip code, have equal opportunity to learn and grow. 

Students must be registered with Blue Ridge Health in order to receive care. Registration forms must be completed by a parent or guardian.

The North Carolina General Statue 90-21.5 authorizes minors to give effective consent to a North Carolina licensed medical provider for medical health services for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of:

  1. Venereal diseases and other diseases reportable under G.S. 130A-135
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Abuse of controlled substances or alcohol
  4. Emotional disturbances

Medical providers are not required to notify guardians about such services unless the situation, in the opinion of the medical provider, indicates that notification is essential to the life or health of the minor.

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After Hours Instructions For School Based Health Center Patients (After 3pm Daily, During School Year):

  • For all EMERGENCIES, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital or urgent care center.
  • For Medical Care after hours (non-emergency), please contact your doctor’s office. If you do not have a doctor, call 828-692-4289 to speak to a medical provider.
  • For MENTAL HEALTH services after hours, please call Smokey Mountain Mental Health Crisis Line at 800-951-3792

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