If You Are Experiencing A Life-Threatening Emergency, Please Visit Your Local Emergency Department Or Call 911.

If you need prompt medical attention for an issue that is not life threatening, but cannot wait for regular business hours, please contact the after-hours nurse line at 828-692-4289. The nurse will contact a provider on call, if necessary.

  • Scheduling: Blue Ridge Health will make every effort to schedule your appointment with your primary care provider every time you need to be seen in our clinic. Sometimes, an acute illness needs to be cared for prior to an available appointment. In these cases, we will try to schedule you as soon as possible with any available Blue Ridge Health provider.

  • Urgent visits: established patients will be seen on our walk-in schedule for single urgent issues that need to be cared for on the same day. Patients should not expect to walk-in for care of chronic health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure management, refills, or for a routine physical exam.

  • For any of your medications that have refills left: please call your pharmacy FIRST. This does not require a medical provider to review each time.

  • For any of your medications that do not have refills noted on the container: Call your pharmacy to request refills a minimum of 3 business days prior to needing your refill. The pharmacy can send an electronic refill request to your medical provider. Check back with your pharmacy in 72 hrs to make sure they have received your new prescription. If your pharmacy has not received your new prescription, please call our offices.

  • Controlled substances, including some medications for pain and anxiety, will only be refilled during an office visit with your primary medical provider and cannot be refilled automatically or by another medical provider.

  • Appointments must be made one month in advance for controlled substances to ensure a timely refill.

  • How long does it take to receive lab results? Lab results vary in the time they come back to your medical provider. You will be contacted through the mail, your Patient Portal, and/or by telephone to inform you of your lab results when they are available.

  • Haven’t received your lab results? If you have not received your lab results within 2 weeks, please contact the clinic and ask to speak to a nurse.

We are currently accepting payments in the form of: cash, personal check, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), or bank debit card (only available at Blue Ridge Health at Chimney Rock Road). Make your payments by:

  • Request a copy for yourself: Requests for a copy of your personal Medical Records and Immunization Records must be made in person (at a health center) and signed by the person requesting the records. These types of requests can be processed at the time of the request. Patients are entitled to one free copy of their medical record per year – after you have received one free copy, any additional copies will be provided based on current fees.

  • Send a copy to another provider: If you want an entire copy of your medical record sent to another medical provider, the new provider’s office must request your records on an approved records release form. Once the approved form is received with your signature or your designee, a copy of your record will be sent to the provider you have designated. BRCHS utilizes an outside medical records company for these types of requests. Please allow up to 30 days for your request to be processed. There is no charge to a patient for this service.

  • Authorization to Release Health Information – English
  • Authorization to Release Health Information – Spanish
  • Patient Medical Record Release Fees – English
  • Patient Medical Record Release Fees – Spanish

At Blue Ridge Health we accept private insurance as well as Medicaid and Medicare. If you do not see your particular insurance listed below, please contact us to see if we can accept your plan. No insurance? No problem. Sliding scale fees are available those who qualify and we can help you apply for coverage.

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
  • United Healthcare/Optum Health
  • Aetna
  • Crescent
  • Delta Dental
  • Guardian
  • Humana
  • Magellan
  • Cigna
  • AARP
  • Tricare
  • Value Options
  • Gateway

No insurance? No problem. Blue Ridge Health can help you apply or work with you to reduce your care costs using a sliding scale with fees based on your family income and size.

If you need one of the following Medical Forms to be completed by your medical or behavioral health provider, a medical visit may be required. Please contact the office manager for any questions regarding form completion.

  • Sport’s physicals
  • School, Work, Camp Physicals
  • Handicapped Parking Permit Requests
  • FL-2 forms
  • Pre-operative clearance forms
  • Other Required Work or Insurance Forms

Blue Ridge Health is a participating provider of the North Carolina Health Information Exchange, NC HealthConnex.  Health Information Exchange (HIE) systems have been in development nationwide since a federal law passed in 2009 to promote the use of electronic movement and use of health information among health care providers. North Carolina’s new, modernized Health Information Exchange, now called NC HealthConnex, will bring added value to the health care conversations that are happening at all levels in the health care industry to break down information silos between health care providers, achieve greater health care outcomes for patients, and create efficiencies in state-funded health care programs such as Medicaid. Many other states have been operating health information exchanges for years and are seeing success in improving patient care.

What is NC HealthConnex?

NC HealthConnex is a secure computer system for doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to share information that can improve your care. The system links your key medical information from all of your health care providers to create a single, electronic patient health record.

How does it work?

NC HealthConnex helps health care providers quickly access the information they need to make more informed decisions about your care, especially in an emergency. When needed, health care providers already share patient health records for your care through fax, email and mail. NC HealthConnex makes receiving information easier, faster and more secure. Without using NC HealthConnex, health care providers see only the information they have entered into your medical record. However, with NC HealthConnex, they see a more complete record, enabling them to provide you with the best care possible.

What does it mean to be a part of NC HealthConnex?

As a patient, it means having peace of mind in visiting a new health care provider’s office if they are participating in NC HealthConnex. If your information has been uploaded before, your new provider will be able to access that data. This means they can spend less time taking down your history and spend more time treating you. NC HealthConnex helps improve health care through:

  • Better coordination between health care providers
  • Fewer medical errors
  • Improved patient safety and health outcomes
  • Fewer repeat tests and procedures
  • Less paperwork
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Faster identification and reporting of public health threats

Patient Frequently Asked Questions:

I am a patient of a provider connected to NC HealthConnex. Do I have rights to access the portal to view my medical history?

At this time, patient access to NC HealthConnex is not functional. As North Carolina continues its focus on patient-centered population health to improve health care outcomes, it is possible that the NC HIEA would look to expand this functionality at some date in the future.

When can I expect my Opt-Out form to be processed in  NC HealthConnex?

As soon as your Opt-Out form is received in the mail it goes into processing and takes about two business days.

Why can’t I e-mail the Opt Out form?

Unfortunately, because the Opt-Out form contains personally-identifying information (PII), email is not a secure form of submitting this information. The security of your PII is of utmost importance to the NC HIEA.

For More Information Visit NC HealthConnex Website By Clicking The Link Below
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