What is the 340B Discount Pharmacy Program?

As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Blue Ridge Health is able to participate in the 340B drug discount drug program. The 340B program requires drug manufacturers who participate in Medicaid and Medicare to provide discounts on outpatient medications purchased by Blue Ridge Health and other health centers like us. The 340B program is key to our ability to offer affordable medications to our patients.

WHAT is causing these changes?

Five of the country’s largest pharmaceutical companies are now placing the 340B program and access to affordable medications in jeopardy. In July of this year, manufacturers began announcing they would no longer allow certain drugs purchased at the 340B price to be delivered to Blue Ridge Health partner pharmacies like Walgreens, Gordon Family Pharmacy, Spindale Drug, and others. While one manufacturer stopped shipping medications to contract pharmacies on September 1st, others have announced they stopped shipments in October.

How does this impact blue ridge health’s patients?

Blue Ridge Health receives discounts under the 340B program from drug manufacturers on medications dispensed to our patients through participating pharmacies. Our partnership with these pharmacies ensures uninsured patients who do not live near Blue Ridge Health pharmacy locations or are not in our delivery area will continue receiving the medications they need at discounted prices. Currently, these changes do not affect patients who purchase their medications directly from a Blue Ridge Health pharmacy location.

What can i do to help?

We need our supporters to advocate! Click here to easily email your members of Congress!

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